Sri Lanka e-Visa Information


1. Explaining of e-Visa?

The Sri Lanka eVisa is an electronic authorisation from the Government issued in PDF format for travelers who wish to visit Sri Lanka for various purposes including tourism, transit and business. It's the equivalent to a normal visa issued by the embassies, but with the important difference of not requiring a stamp or a label in the passport.

ETA is required for any visa-exempt foreign nationals who are traveling to Sri lanka. You can apply for ETA anytime, but we strongly suggest you to apply for an E-Visa as soon as you have decided to travel Sri lanka, because you must have your ETA approved before the entry. Your ETA will electronically be connected to your passport. Please apply online and make sure you have an approved ETA. You can choose the type of Visa according to the purpose of traveling.

2. E-Visa Requirements

Eligible foreign citizens must present the following:

• A printout of the approved ETA.
• A valid passport, the same used for the online application form.

Upon arrival in Sri Lanka, all travelers have to demonstrate:

• A return ticket (only if traveling by air).
• Evidence of sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the stay in the country.
• Citizens of the following countries must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate at the port of entry to Sri Lanka to meet the International Health Regulations: Angola, Argentina, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Gabon, French Guiana, Gambia, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Panama, Peru, Rwanda, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Somalia, Suriname, Sao Tome and Principe, Togo, Tanzania, United Republic of Uganda, Venezuela.

3. Recent Passport Picture

Pictures required to be sent in the application have to follow this instructions:

-The head should be centered in the photo.
-Must have a white background
-Applicant's head, including both hair and face, should be shown from the crown of the head to the tip of the chin.
-The photograph must be recent, no more than 6 months old.
-It must show a full, clear, and front view of applicant's face.
-No hats or sunglasses are allowed to appear in the picture.
-Applicant's expression should be natural, with both eyes open, closed mouth and looking directly ahead.
-Picture has to be different from the passport's one.

4. Other Requirements

Applicants are required to have a current passport valid for 6 months from the date of arrival, email address, and a credit card. All the biometric details as name, date, place of birth, gender, address, nationality and passport number, needs to be exactly the same as shown in the passport or legal travel document.

5. Who needs an ETA?

Whoever that plan to stay in Sri Lanka more than 30 days in a row, travel to Sri Lanka for work or long-term business purposes, then will need to apply for a visa and not for an ETA. As our website only supports applications for Electronic Travel Authorization Visa, we encourage you to contact with an embassy for more information about different visas.

• Tourist ETA: allows visitors to remain in Sri lanka for a maximum of 30 days.
• Business ETA: grants visitors a maximum stay of 30 days in Sri Lanka.
• Transit ETA: gives permition to all visitors to remain in Sri lanka for a maximum of 2 days.

Travelers who visit Sri Lanka for short-term tourism, short-term business or transit should apply for an ETA as soon as they decided to visit Sri Lanka.

• Visit to Sri Lanka for sightseeing and holiday purposes.
• Visit friends and relatives.
• Visit for medical purposes including yoga.
• Participate in sports and cultural events.
• Business opportunities and attend meetings or conferences.
• Participate in local seminars or courses.
• Persons who receive local short-term training courses.
• Participate in culture, arts, music or dancing.
• Participate in religious events.
• Participate in a local or political debate.

6. Sri Lanka ETA for children

Children over 16 years or whoever already have an individual passport must apply separately for an ETA.

Children under 16 years who are included in the parent's passport, can travel to Sri Lanka without the need for an individual ETA if they meet the following requirements:

• The child must be included in the parent/guardian's passport.
• The details of the child must be included in the parent/guardian's ETA.

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